You are invited by YUM! to share your certification and audit data

Provide transparency in our supply chain through the FSSC Assurance Platform. The FSSC Assurance Platform is a secure digital solution that enables you to share your FSSC certificate status and audit data with YUM!.

What should I do after I subscribe?

1. Complete your account
FSSC will create an Assurance Platform account for you and your organization. You will receive the confirmation of your new account via email within 3 working days. Login to the Assurance Platform for the first time and complete your account.

2. Request access to your data
Requests access to the audit and certification data of your Certified Organization via the Access Center functionality. The request is processed by your Certification Body within 4 weeks.

3. Share data with YUM!
As soon as you have access to your own audit and certification data, you can start sharing it securely and easily with YUM! via the Assurance Platform.

Assurance Platform

Now available for YUM! suppliers

  • Access your latest audit data and audit report.
  • View your current FSSC 22000 certificate status.
  • Securely share certification data with YUM!.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Why would I share my data with YUM!?

    YUM! aims to protect their customers and uphold their trust. Maintaining food safety and quality is fundamental, and we need your help to achieve it.

    Food safety is not a competitive advantage, but rather a public health imperative. That is why FSSC and YUM! are collaborating to create transparency and informed decision-making for your organization and YUM! as your partner to continuously improve performance.

  • How does the subscription process work?

    After subscribing to the FSSC Assurance Platform via this web page, FSSC will create an account for you. You will receive an update about your new account via email within 3 working days. Via the information in the email you are able to complete your account and start using the FSSC Assurance Platform.

  • Does the FSSC Assurance Platform cost me anything?

    No, you will get access to a free subscription of the FSSC Assurance Platform. This free subscription allows you to view your own audit and certification details, and sharing this data with YUM! for free.

    If you are looking for more functionality inside the FSSC Assurance Platform, you can take a look at FSSC On-Site. This paid subscription will extend the visibility of certification performance outside your own organization.

  • How do I share my audit data and certification status with YUM!

    Sharing your data with YUM! involves two steps.

    First of all, you need to get access to your certification and audit data via your Certification Body. You can complete this step via the Assurance Platform’s Access Center functionality. Please note, this step can only be performed by the person in your organization that is the main contact person of the Certification Body. This is because your Certification Body will only grant access to your Certified Organization’s data to the person they know is legally authorized to receive access to the data.

    Secondly, as soon as you have access to your data, you can share the data with YUM! via the Sharing management functionality. This involves verifying the email address of your main contact at YUM!. Through this validation, we ensure that your performance data is not shared with anyone unauthorized.

  • Can I stop sharing my data with YUM! at a later stage?

    Yes, you can decide to stop sharing your data with YUM! at any moment in time. You can change your sharing preferences via the ‘Sharing management’ page within the FSSC Assurance Platform.

    if you stop sharing your data with YUM!, you can still keep using your free FSSC Assurance Platform subscription to view your own certification and audit data.

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