Foundation FSSC’s Second Annual Report: A Year of Impact and Commitment

The Annual Report for 2023 is an overview of FSSC’s approach to providing trust and delivering impact to the consumer goods industry.

Foundation FSSC is proud to present its second Annual Report. In 2023, Foundation FSSC achieved significant milestones, reinforcing its position as a global leader in food safety management certification.

The FSSC 22000 Scheme continued to set high standards for food safety management systems. Additionally, with the new FSSC 24000 Scheme we aim to expand our impact, promoting social sustainability within the consumer goods industry.

With over 34,000 Certified Organizations endorsing our brand, FSSC received and continues to deliver industry-wide trust. Innovative use of audit data on the Assurance Platform empowered positive change and resilient supply chains.

FSSC’s core responsibility is supporting effective management systems that will drive long-term impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On behalf of all FSSC team members, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support in achieving our vision of creating a better world.