Integrity Program

How do we provide trust?

The Integrity Program aims to provide our stakeholders, the consumer goods industry, and the related supply chain with a trusted brand certification platform. The program achieves this via the continuous and effective operation of several processes to ensure compliance with Scheme requirements and protect certification integrity and the FSSC brand.

The Integrity Program staff assess and verify Certification Bodies’ performance via several remote and in-person activities. The results of the Integrity Program activities are used to monitor trends and define improvements in conjunction with licensed partners.

Our Monitoring Activities

The Integrity Program conducts yearly monitoring activities to assess compliance with Scheme requirements.

These include the following:

  • Desk Reviews: off-site assessments of audit packages, certificates, and auditors’ competence registered in our database.
  • Office Assessments: assessments are conducted remotely or onsite via interviews with CB personnel. Integrity Program assessors perform both activities.

Continuous Improvement

Embedded within all ISO-aligned management systems should be a continuous improvement process in an organization’s manner of working to identify opportunities for improvement. The FSSC Integrity Program is no different, and this constant improvement extends to our CB performance evaluation systems.

One of our performance evaluation systems is the Onboarding Program (OBP). The OPB was officially launched in January 2021 and is designed to support newly licensed Certification Bodies in understanding performance expectations. Completion of the OPB is mandatory for all new CBs entering a licensing agreement with the Foundation.