Webinar | From Application to Recognition: The Successful FSSC 24000 Journey

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Join us for an insightful journey into the world of sustainability standards with our upcoming webinar with The Consumer Goods Forum, “From Application to Recognition: The Successful FSSC 24000 Journey.” which will be held on Tuesday, 19 March, at 2 PM CET.

In this exclusive session, we will delve into the firsthand experience of Aldin Hilbrands, Chief Executive Officer of Foundation FSSC, as he shares the remarkable journey of FSSC 24000 through the recognition process with The Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative.

Gain valuable insights as we explore:

  • Deciding to apply for the benchmarking journey: Discover the motivations and considerations behind Foundation FSSC’s decision to pursue recognition for their new FSSC 24000 Scheme. Learn about the strategic importance and potential benefits they envisioned.
  • Navigating the process: Explore the steps involved in the recognition process. From application submission to evaluation, Aldin Hilbrands will shed light on their journey to help other schemes learn from their experience
  • Value-add of recognition: Uncover the benefits that SSCI recognition brings to a management system certification Scheme such as FSSC 24000 and how it has enhanced their commitment to social sustainability.

Don’t miss the chance to hear directly from Aldin as he answers key questions about FSSC’s experience, providing a unique perspective on their journey.

Attendees have the opportunity to engage with the speaker and SSCI experts during our live Q&A session. Pose your questions and gain deeper insights into the practical aspects of achieving SSCI recognition.

Target Audience

Whether you’re a part of the standards industry, a social sustainability professional, or someone interested in the evolving landscape of social compliance and the connection to human rights due diligence, this webinar is a must-attend event.