About us

Creating a better world

Foundation FSSC is the global non-profit and independent Scheme owner to provide trust and deliver impact to the consumer goods industry. Based in Europe, the Netherlands, we have regional representatives for organizations across North America, Latin America, South Asia, India, Japan, Türkiye, and the Middle East. We also have a liaison in China.

At FSSC, we have been delivering impact to the consumer goods industry and related supply chain for over 15 years. We do so by supporting the industry in implementing food and social management systems that are aligned with the ISO management system approach. This approach enables organizations to achieve their business objectives and to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. But that’s not all. We provide continuous trust to our licensed partners and to the Certified Organizations by having a robust integrity program and an advanced Assurance Platform.

To fulfill our vision of creating a better world, over fifty professionals work on the improvement and innovation of the GFSI-recognized food safety management system FSSC 22000 and the SSCI-recognized social management system FSSC 24000.

Governance and organization

The FSSC Schemes are managed by Foundation FSSC and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders consisting of representatives from several sectors in the consumer goods industry.

To ensure transparency and involvement of the industry as a whole, an Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding technical aspects like unannounced audits, food fraud, guidance documents, and Scheme revisions. The Advisory Committees of FSSC advise our Board of Stakeholders.