Foundation FSSC Joins WPO as Affiliate Member

“We recognize packaging as an essential component of the food supply chain’s integrity and safety, states Foundation FSSC CEO Aldin Hilbrands during the WPO Worldpack Talkshow.

As an Affiliate Member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), Foundation FSSC CEO Aldin Hilbrands was invited by WPO to shed light on how organizations involved in the manufacture of food and feed packaging and packaging materials can deliver safe packaging and packaging materials on a global scale through the FSSC 22000 certification Scheme. 

In the interview with WPO Press & Communications Officer Liliam Benzi, Aldin Hilbrands explains: “We are very pleased about our recently acquired affiliate membership at WPO. Since 2009, we have grown into the largest Food Safety Management System Certification Scheme owner worldwide, with more than 34,000 certified organizations, of which 5,000 organizations are involved in the manufacture of packaging and packaging materials. This leads to much overlap in the work of both FSSC and WPO.”

The affiliation with WPO underscores Foundation FSSC’s dedication to upholding the integrity and safety standards of packaging materials on a global scale. By joining as an affiliate member, the Foundation aims to advocate for the widespread adoption of the independent and globally acclaimed food safety management system certification Scheme, FSSC 22000, within the WPO community and its extensive network of packaging manufacturers. With its endeavor, Foundation FSSC aims to drive innovation and elevate food safety practices across the packaging industry.

"As consumers, we often focus on the contents of a bottle or container but overlook the importance of the packaging itself. From a food safety perspective, it is crucial to recognize that we purchase both the packaging and its contents – together, they form the product we buy."
- Aldin Hilbrands, CEO of Foundation FSSC

To guarantee the manufacture of safe packaging and packaging materials that safeguard its content throughout the supply chain, FSSC 22000 incorporates a holistic food safety management system that integrates ISO standards and extends its requirements to specific sectors, including packaging manufacturing. Through our Global Certification Program FSSC 22000 including its scope for Food Packaging Manufacturing, we integrate international standards such as ISO 22000, ISO/TS 22002-4 sector-specific Pre-Requisite Programs (PRPs) for food packaging and packaging material, alongside additional FSSC 22000 certification requirements. This holistic approach enables organizations to effectively control food safety hazards, minimize risks, and ensure the production of safe packaging and packaging materials worldwide.

With FSSC 22000, Foundation FSSC actively contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 – the reduction of food loss and waste. Through planned collaborative efforts with WPO and its members, we are also determined to explore innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste from a packaging design perspective, thereby intending to advance sustainability practices in the packaging industry and further deliver a positive impact to the consumer goods industry.

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