In the expanding global food Industry, small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) play a significant role in the food supply chain. To support these organizations in the supply of safe food, Foundation FSSC offers the FSSC Development Program.

The FSSC Development Program provides a two level approach to support SMEs in producing safe food. It is aligned with CODEX HACCP, GFSI Global Markets and fits into the FSSC 22000 structure. As such, the Program is especially suitable for SMEs who want to meet the food safety requirements of their clients or have the ambition to enlarge their market access.

Organizations that conform with the FSSC Development Program requirements have the added benefit of being listed in the public register on the FSSC website.

Why choose the FSSC Development Program?


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“One of the strengths of the FSSC Development Program is the flexibility it offers. SMEs can start at any level within the Program and they can choose to proceed to any level depending on their needs and the needs of their clients. With this Program, the Foundation further supports and improves food safety worldwide.”
Cor Groenveld, Market Development Director

Especially for smaller and medium sized food organizations

  • It is an easy to use Program which is especially suitable for organizations that want to develop and improve their food safety system but might not achieve GFSI recognized certification in one step.
  • The Program offers the flexibility for organizations to start on the conformity level which meets the maturity of their food safety system. Once conforming, the organization decides whether to remain at a certain level or to proceed to a next level or full FSSC 22000 certification.
  • In order to support organizations in developing and improving their food safety system, the Program contains a self evaluation tool (click here for the self evaluation tools and program documents) and a training program.
  • The Program is aligned with CODEX HACCP, GFSI Global Markets and the FSSC 22000 structure. This ensures worldwide recognition and the option to progress to full FSSC 22000 certification.
  • Conforming Organizations are listed in a public register on the FSSC website.
  • Integrating the Program in vendor assurance programs supports food organizations to ensure food safety of their SME suppliers. This integration will also improve harmonization and cost efficiency in the food supply chain.
  • It is owned by a non-profit Foundation and managed by an independent Board of Stakeholders.
  • The Program is delivered by independent licensed Assessment Bodies and Training Organizations and is governed by the FSSC 22000 Integrity Program.
  • The Program documents are available in English and translated into several languages.

Which organizations can use the program?

The FSSC Development Program is applicable to smaller and medium sized food organizations in the sectors food manufacturing, catering and retail. Both manufacturers of ingredients that supply to other food manufacturers and those that supply to retailers and food service organizations can benefit from the FSSC Development Program. Examples of organizations that could benefit from the FSSC Development Program are listed below.

Food manufacturing

  • artisan food manufacturers and “start-ups”
  • food product and food ingredient manufacturers in emerging markets
  • developers of novel foods and ingredients
  • manufacturers of food products for delivery to restaurants and retail


  • catering facilities (including those serving airline, railways, cruise and passenger ships)
  • hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • school and industry dining rooms
  • restaurants and Coffee shops
  • hotels, hospitality and banqueting functions, food services and food stores


  • supermarkets and hypermarkets
  • food shops like bakeries and butchers
  • convenience stores, wholesale (cash and carry) stores, mass or club stores
  • food halls in departments stores

How to become a Conforming Organization?

The FSSC Development Program requires that food organizations meet minimum food safety requirements (Level 1 or Level 2) and allows them to proceed to GFSI recognized certification (FSSC 22000).

The following steps are proposed for a successful result:

Download the Brochure

The FSSC Development Program V1.1 brochure is available to download for free in the following languages: