Becoming a licensed CB

Are you interested in becoming a licensed FSSC Certification Body (CB)? Please find more information about the application process and fees on this page.

Be aware: It is not allowed to promote or sell FSSC certification and audit services without a signed license agreement with FSSC for the relevant FSSC Schemes (FSSC 22000 or FSSC 24000).

Application procedure 

Becoming a licensed FSSC CB starts with meeting the CB requirements described in the relevant FSSC Scheme (FSSC 22000 or FSSC 24000) for licensing application as described in Part 4, 2.1 of both Schemes.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in becoming a licensed CB, please complete the specific Scheme-based application document (available below) and email the completed application to us at [email protected] to initiate the CB license process.

Once you have returned the application form, FSSC will review your application. If your application is accepted, you will be enrolled in the FSSC Onboarding Program. We will share more details about this Program after you have contacted us with your application request.

FSSC 22000 CB Application Documents

FSSC 24000 CB Application Document

Fees for FSSC 22000 and FSSC 24000 licensed CBs

The fees for FSSC 22000 and FSSC 24000 licensed CBs from 2024 onward are as follows:

  • The fees apply per Scheme, FSSC 22000 and FSSC 24000, and cannot be accumulated and/or combined
  • The initial one-time CB entry fee is: € 10.000
  • The fee per uploaded audit report in the FSSC Portal: € 250. They are paid by the Certified Organization (collected through the CB). The CB shall inform their Certified Organizations accordingly.
  • Fee per uploaded audit report in the FSSC Portal per 31 December of the previous year, to be paid by the CB and invoiced at least once per year.

Fee structure for organizations with multi-site certification

  • The fee per uploaded audit report in the FSSC Portal becomes € 250.
  • In addition, for each site certified under the scope of the multi-site as listed on the certificate, € 50 will be charged.
  • In 2024, this multi-site fee will only be applicable for initial certification and recertification audits.
  • Multi-site certification is defined in Part 3, clause 5.3 of the Scheme requirements.

Invoice process changes per 1 January 2024

Invoice process change
According to the CB License Agreement, Appendix B: Fees: The fee per uploaded audit report in the FSSC Portal will be invoiced regularly but at least twice per year.As of January 2024, we will start invoicing both the fee per uploaded audit report, and the annual CB fee, four (4) times per year based on actual numbers: in January (40%), April (20%), July (20%) and October (20%).

This change will only be applicable to Certification Bodies that issue more than 500 reports per year, based on the numbers of the previous year. This letter serves as a notification of the change.

As always, we are committed to providing the best services to you and appreciate your continued support.