FSSC 22000 supporting food manufacturers in China

We are very happy to announce that the China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA) and the Foundation FSSC 22000 have signed a Letter of Intent in order to support food manufacturers in China to enhance their food safety management systems.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a severe international crisis and brings huge challenges to the global communities. It also shows how critical it is that our food supply chains remain operational and effective to ensure the supply of sufficient and safe food. Collaboration between stakeholders is essential to achieve this.

Therefore we are very pleased that CNFIA and FSSC 22000 agreed to collaborate on CNFIA’s project “Standard of regulatory compliance of food safety management system” and the FSSC Foundation’s “FSSC Development Program”. The purpose of CNFIA’s project is to support food manufacturers establishing food safety management processes that are required by regulations, while the purpose of the FSSC Development Program is to support food manufactures in realizing food safety management systems that are internationally recognized and accepted. The programs are complementary to each other and will support the food manufacturers in realizing robust and effective food safety management systems.

Further details on the collaboration and activities will be shared in the coming months.

For further information on CNFIA: www.cnfia.cn