FSSC 22000 issues 15,000th certificate

Last week, FSSC 22000 has achieved a new milestone. The 15,000th FSSC 22000 certificate has been issued since the start in 2009. Besides this exponential growth of certified organizations, over one hundred Certification Bodies worldwide are licensed to certify organizations, the Scheme covers almost the entire food supply chain with seven scopes and the Scheme has been continuously improved and updated which resulted in the recent publication of its Version 4.0.

"we can be proud of this great accomplishment, which was the result of fantastic management team and staff performance and the continuous high level input from our Board of Stakeholders. But,…..you ain’t see nothing yet! The growth potential of our ISO- based, non profit management system certification scheme is huge worldwide. Thousands of ISO 22000 certified companies want to obtain a GFSI recognized certificate, taking a small extra step to get to FSSC 22000. And the growth will be even bigger now that we have opened the market for the FSSC Global Markets Program, offering great opportunities for smaller and medium sized companies to get to basic food safety management.”
One of the founding fathers of FSSC 22000, independent Chairman of the Board of Stakeholders of FSSC 22000, Fons Schmid

In the new dashboard on the FSSC 22000 website, you’ll find a up-to-date overview of all FSSC 22000 certified organizations. This provides you with a complete overview by country and scope. The dashboard has been restyled in design and technical possibilities. The search process has been simplified and it’s now possible to download data to facilitate informed decision making by major stakeholders such as the private and public sectors.