The FSSC 22000 Scheme is now accepted by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). Acceptance of FSSC 22000 entails that the Scheme complies with the criteria and is mentioned on the website This NVWA acceptance is a major step forward in public-private cooperation and alignment within the Dutch food industry.

In its supervision of individual businesses in the food production sector, the NVWA takes into consideration whether or not the business is certified by a safety assurance scheme that has been proven to meet the NVWA criteria. This means that participation in such a scheme, like FSSC 22000, can both enhance the business image and result in adapted or reduced NVWA supervision.

After the horsemeat scandal occurred back in 2013, it became clear that food safety and integrity in the food production chain had to be better safeguarded. To this end, the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs, together with the meat, dairy and animal feed sectors, established a Taskforce to restore consumer confidence in food.

A substantial element in regaining consumer confidence is securing food safety and integrity. This means both public and private safeguarding (such as through private schemes like FSSC 22000) of food safety and integrity are important in implementing the Taskforce action plan. In cooperation with the NVWA, the Taskforce has defined a set of criteria for assurance schemes that must strengthen the private safeguarding of food safety and especially food integrity. Transparency and the exchange of information are one of the key elements included.

“NVWA –Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority- congratulates FSSC 22000 on the acceptance of the scheme. Three major GFSI recognized food safety schemes are available now for the industry. We expect the industry to take action to raise and secure food safety in the supply chain. The next step is to establish a long term public-private cooperation with scheme owners in order to strengthen the supply chain, exchange information where necessary and support official controls.”
Mr. Hans Beuger – Senior Public Health Officer at NVWA
“The NVWA is blazing the path for other governmental regulatory authorities to recognize the merits of GFSI-benchmarked schemes, the private assurance system and the benefit of utilizing accredited certifications in helping with the deployment of national inspectional resources, which ultimately leads to a strengthening of the food safety system.”
Mr. Joseph Scimeca, PhD, Chair Regulatory Affairs Task Force GFSI

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