Foundation FSSC 22000 launches a full remote audit addendum

As of 5 October 2020, all FSSC 22000 licensed Certification Bodies can deliver FSSC 22000 auditing and certification for food safety and quality based on full remote auditing. The requirements for full remote audits are described in the newly published Addendum on remote audits.

Future of auditing

We believe that remote auditing (full or partial) is a vital component of the auditing future and trust that this will bring some relief to an already challenging situation while ensuring a robust audit and certification process. With the launch of this Addendum, the Foundation is anticipating the future of audit delivery and the widely shared vision that the use of big data solutions, new online verification technologies, and ongoing limitations of traveling will have a permanent impact.

Although the full remote auditing option is currently not GFSI recognized, it has broad support from our primary industry & CB partners. It complies with GFSI benchmarking requirements except those for the audit delivery process.

How to obtain or maintain certification

Organizations wishing to obtain or maintain their FSSC 22000 certification can request audits and certification through one of our licensed Certification Bodies, and verification will be required through the selected options of full on-site and/or remote audit possibilities.

The new FSSC 22000 full remote audit addendum is available on our website under the scheme documents section.