Food Safety, everyone’s business

On 7 June 2020 we’ll be celebrating World Food Safety Day. A day initiated by the World Health Organization to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks. Food safety is everyone’s business and also FSSC takes its role. In this article we would like to highlight how we support organizations in the food supply chain.

FSSC Development Program

Besides continuously improving the FSSC 22000 Scheme, we also offer our renewed FSSC Development Program which is especially suitable for Smaller and Medium Sized organizations (SMEs).

As Market Development Director Cor Groenveld explains: “SMEs are a major part of the food supply chain and therefore also responsible for many food products. Think of ingredient manufacturers who process rice and cocoa, or street vendors who sell ready-made products to consumers. But also upcoming start-ups and manufacturers of artisan products, like special beers, local sausages, artisan cookies, and jams are a growing supplier group within the food supply chain.
For those companies the FSSC Development Program might offer the solution. It is a flexible program with two levels. You can start at the level your business requires and choose to proceed to the next level or not. The level is dependent on the demands of the market and the business needs.”

FSSC 22000 supports the whole food supply chain

FSSC 22000 is applicable to seven sectors in the food supply chain. From food manufacturing till catering and from food packaging manufacturing till transport and storage. All sectors are supported by FSSC 22000.

Click here for an interview with two transport and storage companies who share their experiences with FSSC 22000.

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