Food Fraud

FSSC INSIGHTS | Webinar Recording

The FSSC Insight Webinar “Food Fraud” was held on July 07, 2022. The recording is available on demand via YouTube and Zoom. Use the links below to choose which recording you would like to watch.

There is also a link to download the PDF Slide Deck of the presentation. If you would like any further information on the becoming FSSC 22000 certified, please check-out the Webinar Q&A or get in touch with our regional FSSC representatives.

Food Fraud Guidance Document

Food Fraud is at least as old as ancient Rome and will never be eliminated; however, organizations can take action to minimize the vulnerability of Food Fraud by reducing opportunities for fraudsters.

The FSSC 22000 Guidance Document on Food Fraud Mitigation is a practical guide to cover FSSC additional requirements. It also contains the Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment applicable to all products, in line with GFSI requirements. Download it now… 

VIDEO | Identify FSSC 22000 Certificate Authenticity


Meet the FSSC Market Development Team

FSSC has regional representatives all around the world. Organizations interested in improving their food safety management and implementing the FSSC Scheme can contact our Market Development group to receive detailed information and even have a face-to-face conversation about FSSC. Read more about the team here.

FSSC 22000 is a farm-to-fork GFSI-recognized scheme applicable within the whole supply chain. You can learn more about benefiting your organization by becoming certified on this page.